The Chariot

Random card picked today was “The Chariot”.

The part of this card that stands out most for me at the moment is the idea of the two different coloured sphinxes drawing the chariot, and the need to control them in order to make real progress. I wonder what are the two main opposing forces in my life today?

I know I have an artistic side that does not get much attention, but I also have a more logical and technical inclination which seems to be more useful to me at the moment. I work really hard and have a good reputation as a worker in a minimum wage job, but like to laze around reading and watching tv at other times. I go through bouts of spending a lot of time in the gym, and then skip it for a few weeks while I sleep most of the day and gorge myself on energy drinks, sugary snacks and fast food.

But I don’t even think the card is about the positive and negative – I think it is about two positive forces which will try to pull you in different directions, but can be used to reach your ultimate more quickly if they are controlled and guided to moving in the same direction.

I think the way forward is to pick one goal for now, and ensure that all my energies and abilities are used to help reach this destination. For example, if I focus for now on losing weight and improving my fitness. I can use the more logical approach by creating a training program and recording my weight each day (81kg today unfortunately). Maybe create a motivation board with lots of images and motivational statements. And I will also get a list of local(ish) events that I might enter and activities that I might try.

There are some other things to focus on also – like, what are my strengths? And what goals could I realistically pursue with my circumstances? Maybe a future entry could deal with each of those questions, or maybe these are the type of questions that will get answered if I continue blog entries and self-searching like this.




Why ‘pick a card’?

The idea behind this blog is to use it as an opportunity to discover more about life and about myself. Each day I will pick a card from either a tarot deck or from another of the many inspirational decks available, or maybe I will just pick a passage from one of the books I am reading. Hopefully a bit of thought will help me understand more about the card or passage, and more about myself and my life in general.