I seem to have come really late in life to the idea of my life needing something meaningful or memorable. I am not even sure what I mean by this but I know that I want to feel like I have created something that other people can look at and say “that makes sense to me”, or maybe even something like “I might not agree with his ideas and thoughts, but I like his attitude and some of his words”. I am sure I am not alone in this, but it feels like I am in a small minority. So many people that I grew up with seem to have gotten the idea a lot earlier than me and have created a space for themselves in their communities. I feel like a bit of a vagrant, just passing though peoples’ lives, not really touching them and not really being touched by them either. And it feels like I am missing out on something important. I am hoping that over the next few months or years I will find answers and directions that will help me with this feeling.